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Cheap Flights to Belarus (BY)

Cheap Flights to Belarus (BY)

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Book Cheap Flights to Belarus:

New York to Minsk (NYC to MSQ)

New York to Minsk (JFK to MSQ)

Tampa to Minsk (TPA to MSQ)

Boston to Minsk (BOS to MSQ)

Saint Petersburg to Minsk (LED to MSQ)

Moscow to Minsk (MOW to MSQ)

London to Minsk (LON to MSQ)



Facts About Belarus

Belarus is situated in the center of Europe on the watershed of the Baltic and Black Seas. The capital is the city of Minsk. Belarus borders on Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine.

The territory of Belarus totals 207.6 thousand sq km. It stretches from west to east for 650 km and from north to south for 560 km. The distance between Minsk and the capitals of neighboring states is as follows:
Vilnius – 215 km, Warsaw – 550 km, Riga – 470 km, Kiev – 580 km, Moscow – 700 km…
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Visa to Belarus

Visas are required to enter Belarus. Exceptions are made for the citizens of the CIS, Cuba, Korea (the Democratic People’s Republic), Macedonia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Serbia and Montenegro and holders of diplomatic passports from several states.

Belarusian visa is normally issued by a Belarusian embassy or consulate in 5 working days, there is also a possibility to get it urgently (in 48 hours) by paying a double fee…
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